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Mimic the master

Saturday, January 28th, 2012





Mr Petersen,
I would love to use one of those photos for mimic the master project, I really like the golf in first place, the eggs second and third broccoli bag and fourth, the broccoli tree.

Julio Saldan


Liquor assignment

Thursday, January 26th, 2012


Mr Petersen,
I would like to use a bottle of tequila (silver patron) a Mexican cactus, salt, lime, a unique bow-tie, tie and a white table.
1. I want to shoot the liquor bottle with a really bright green bow tie , and next a cactus next to it. Lots of salt and lime on top of the two cactus.
I would like to use a strobe light behind and one on the side, and black reflectors on the sides.

2 the second is composed by two photos, the first one is the tequila bottle with a green tie, with the strobe light behind and black reflectors on the side. The second will be a cactus with the USA map in the middle, so light can pass thru.

3. This one could be more natural look, I will use a flat table and a window from the props room. I will try to imitate a natural light that pass thru the window. I will use a reflector on the side of the tequila bottle. I would like to use a rock as base.

4. I will use two tequila bottles one with a bowtie and the second one with green tie. The two cactus in front of the bottles, the lighting will be from behind and two reflectors on the side.

Julio Saldana