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Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Mr Petersen,
On the Fashion assignment, I have four ideas, boots and light paint, glam lipstick with smoke color , watch and peppers and tie with flies.
1.BOOTS AND LIGHT PAINT: I would like to use a black boot and paint with light, I will use gels to get bright colors.
2. GLAM LIPSTICK: I will use a white table to get the red color of the lipstick, and in photoshop I will use a technique that simulates smoke in waves.
3. PEPPER AND WATCH: I will use 6 yellow peppers and a silver watch, simulating texture of of both products.
4. TIE WITH RAID: the tie has printed flies and I want to use a raid product next to it. Ties can be fun and real, is my messsge.





Editorial assignment

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Mr Petersen,

My topic is “buying organic food” so, I would like to create something where I can show the differences between organic and traditional food.

1. In the first option, I would like to use organic brown eggs sitting down on top of a hay and a container of Milk, $100 dollar bill in front of the it. And next to it, I will put non-organic and eggs and a $50 dollar bill in front of it. I will insert needles to the eggs and to the milk, trying to simulate all the hormones, food additives and fertilizers.

2. I will divide the table in two halfs, in the organic side, a plate with organic chicken and stake and a egg. And the other half of the table , the same plate with pills needles or syringes trying to simulate food. And a cup full of murky liquid.

3. I will use two apples. One organic green apple on top of a 100 dollar bill, and the other apple is going to be full of pills in differents color pills and one syringe in to the apple, and one 50 dollar bill under the table.

4. I would like to use two bananas, the organic banana is going to nice and yellow and the traditional non organic banana, i will insert syringes with differents colors.

On the assignment I would like to be very simple and not use lots of props. And use simple lighting.